8 March Liberty Technology Park

Hackathon Cluj-Napoca

The 24 Hours Hackathon (8th March – 9th March) will provide context for sparking new ideas, consolidating teams and incorporating valuable feedback in the proposed ventures. The event is aimed at students and young enthusiasts that will form teams up … Continue reading

10-14 Mar

Workshop: Product Vision

Product development starts with market analysis and an internal evaluation. What is hot and what is not, team assets and what a team is missing are the directing factors in the first steps of an emerging start-up. This orientation session … Continue reading

19-20 March Wed 18:00 - 20:00 & 20:00 - 22:00 Thu 18:00 - 20:00

Workshop: Business Models

Cristian Constantin Olarasu, founder of Early (formerly known as Good Momming!), a technology company that’s meant to disrupt the parenting space will train the Innovation Labs startups in Business Models. In this workshop we will approach several topics: – founder … Continue reading

24-28 March

Workshop: Technology

Altough technology is not a key factor for the success of a product some technologies are more suited for some tasks than others. Being aware of the technologies available before starting to develop your product is very useful later in the product … Continue reading

2-3 April

Workshop: Team Management

A determinant factor in the success of an start-up is management. Prioritization and keeping focus are two of the most important  and difficult challenges start-ups (and corporations) face. This seminar will provide targeted insight into management strategies (AGILE, SCRUM, etc) that help small teams deal … Continue reading