8 March Liberty Technology Park

Hackathon Cluj-Napoca

The 24 Hours Hackathon (8th March – 9th March) will provide context for sparking new ideas, consolidating teams and incorporating valuable feedback in the proposed ventures.

The event is aimed at students and young enthusiasts that will form teams up to 3 members.

The location for this event is Liberty Technology Park Cluj.





On-line registration

In order to participate in the Hackathon, please use the registration page by 5th of February.

You will be notified of your acceptance by the the 7th of March.


Starting with 9:00, all participants that were accepted to the Hackathon are expected at the registration desk.

Ideea Pitch

Each participant / team representative (one person per team), will have 1 minute to pitch his/hers idea to the public and the jury. Up to 2 question will be asked by the jury members.

Team Forming & Crowd Voting

25 ideas will be accepted after the on-line registration, and pitched on-site in the idea Pitch stage. Out of these 18 ideas will be selected to participate in the 24 hours Hackathon.

There are two ways that your idea can be selected to enter the 24 hours Hackathon:

- It is selected by the Jury (up to 9 teams)

- It is selected as a result of a Crowd voting system: After the public pitches, each participant who proposed an idea will receive a flip-chart on which to  to sum up his proposal and get votes form other participants. The participants vote with little stickers that they will receive in their goodies bag at registration (each participant will receive 3 stickers).

If you have an idea but no team, or your team wants to complete its ranks with somebody with certain skills, this is the phase that you should use in order to make other participants believe in your idea and persuade others to join your team should your idea be selected for the next phase.

Hack Time

In the next 24 hours, up to 18 teams will enter the work phase – they will have to bring their ideas to a point where they can present at least a proof of concept, as well as having a good understanding about their potential costumers and growth expectations.

Feedback Sessions

During the Hackathon, their will also be 2 Feedback sessions – mentors (tech entrepreneurs, industry leaders, experienced team leaders and product managers, tech angels) will spend up to 15 minutes with each team in order to provide feedback and counseling.


Before entering the final presentations and jury deliberation phase, each team will be asked to provide a short demo of their progress in order to prove their technical concept, as well as convince jury members that they have the technical soundness and determination to execute the proposed project.

Final Pitch

In the final pitch, each team will have 3 minutes + 2 minutes for Q&A in order to persuade the jury that their idea and implementation should enter the next phase of the Innovation Labs project.