10 April

Boost Day Cluj

At this step of the seminar each team will have the opportunity to present a three minute pitch of their product in front of their peers, the media and a panel of judges. This is a good chance to receive … Continue reading

17 April

Workshop: Story Telling

Great ideas have great stories. Being able to present the (future) story of a product can be very beneficial for convincing people to adhere to your Start-up and project. This workshop focuses on helping the participants writing the story for … Continue reading

28-2 April-May

Workshop: Product Lifecycle

In the industry a product is often compared to a living entity that is born and goes through a series of stages during its lifetime. At this point in the course each team should be asking themselves questions about the … Continue reading

5-9 May

Workshop: Branding

In the world of technology there are not many things that can protect a product. Ideas are always “borrowed” and improved by competitors, while patents are expensive and take a long time to obtain. One of the most effective way … Continue reading

14-15 May

Workshop: Final Pitch Preparation

This session is dedicated for the preparation of the final pitch. This is the final chance of each team to get feedback and improve on their presentation skills and message delivery before meeting the investors. The perfect pitch – talent … Continue reading