8 April 7 pm - 9 pm Politehnica University Bucharest

Tech-Talk: Mobile Digital Experience

It is already clear for everyone we have moved into the digital mobile future. Smathphones, tablets and other portable devices are in all the electronic stores and the subject on everyone lips. However from a consumers perspective it may be … Continue reading

9 April Tech Hub Bucharest

Boost Day Bucharest

Boost Day is one of the main events in the Innovation Labs program where each team has the opportunity to present a three minute pitch of their product in front of their peers, the media and a panel of judges. … Continue reading

15 April 7 pm - 9 pm Politehnica University Bucharest

Tech-Talks: Finance in a Startup

Aside from the MVP, theproduct market fit, sales and leadership any business deals with money. And for that you need to deal with the financial aspects. We have with us two of the best financial advisers in Romania to provide … Continue reading

16-17 April

Workshop: Story Telling

Great ideas have great stories. Being able to present the (future) story of a product can be very beneficial for convincing people to adhere to your Start-up and project. This workshop focuses on helping the participants writing the story for … Continue reading

28-2 April-May

Workshop: Product Lifecycle

In the industry a product is often compared to a living entity that is born and goes through a series of stages during its lifetime. At this point in the course each team should be asking themselves questions about the … Continue reading